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About Us

At Ease Valet, we value safety as our number one priority.

Our company was born when we wanted to provide more than just a drive home service. We wanted to go the extra mile and provide the utmost safety and comfort to anyone who needed us.

We know how great a night out with drinks makes us feel and we want to make sure that our customers end the night off with a safe ride home.

Aligned with our company’s values and mission, we put our customers first. Our experienced drivers are trained to operate with all types of cars and transmissions. Beyond Driving Home Service, we have introduced services for Tag-Along Drivers and Valet Parking Solutions to provide for all of our customers needs.

Why Choose us

Easy 3-step online booking

We have made booking as simple as it can get. No more fumbling to get a valet.

On-time track record

Time is valuable to all of us and that is why we ensure that we get you where you need to be on time.

Professional & friendly drivers

All of our professional drivers are trained to serve with passion and dedication.

Reliable and personal service

We pride in going the extra mile for all of our customers.